Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ron Paris Associated RC500 4wd

Well, I realised that I had recently posted on my RC500 2wd acquisition but had not yet posted on the other RC500s that I already had in my collection. The RC500 was essentially the pinnacle of 1/8 development at the Associated factory, with the 4wd version being this first of the new wave of 1/8 GP cars. At the time Ron Paris was not already considers somewhat of a legend in engine tuning, but also took it upon himself to re-engineer chassis that he would distribute. The particular example here is one of these vehicles, and is fully optioned with chassis components as well as a Paris tuned engine and pipe.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yokomo 834b crazy

If there is one buggy that defines my memories of my youth without me ever having owned it, it would have to be the Yokomo Dogfighter. The 834b was the tour de force to come out of the Yokomo factory back in 1983.

The original version lasted only around one and a half years before the Wonder Dog Fighter came out, with thicker chassis, improved shocks, small bumper (unlike the big bumper of the Dog Fighter that extended to protect the front wheels and tires from impact, dual shocks in the rear as compared with the monoshock at the rear of the original Dog Fighter, extended front arms and reinforced rear arms).

But for me the two versions that I remember the most were the original Dog Fighter with its unusual body shell, the dual monoshocks front and rear, and the RPS version of the Dog Fighter that came out towards the end of the life of the 834b.

It is as a result of this that I have been hunting down an early build 834b. Unfortunately recently a good condition unit popped up, but this was already after I had picked up two other units to combine into one good condition buggy. It sure was an expensive way to make one good Dog Fighter, but such is life.

The two examples you can see that I purchased are effectively one complete but used unit, and one incomplete but perfect condition for the main parts remaining on it (basically everything except for the transmission). In addition to this there was the additional Delta option parts that I acquired with the mint parts buggy. I am not sure yet what I will do with those.

RC500 2wd

Found a reasonably priced 2wd RC500  on eBay with what I thought was an absolutely wicked Elfin body and had to pick it up to accompany my 4wd versions of the RC500. Chassis was in very reasonable condition. Very happy with this purchase.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Restoring my SRB Rough Rider a bit

Well, the chassis of the Rough Rider was very good but the shell and the driver bugged me as they just weren't painted the way I would have liked. So I have decided to repaint them. Unfortunately I damaged the driver when extracting it off the shell but it should be relatively easily fixed. I will be trying to strip the shell paint using some Motsenbockers graffiti remover. For the driver it was just a case of covering with Tamiya primer and then digging out my Vallejo paints. Some pics of the driver to date...

Friday, September 18, 2015

BMT 95R Active Team Car

I have never been the hugest fan of BMT. Maybe it's the pukey green or the horrible grey plastic. Either way I never have rushed out to hunt down BMT cars. However, when this example popped up on eBay, I just couldn't resist.

The chassis is a 95R 4wd that has clearly been used. But what is interesting about it is the slew of custom made parts which include the carbon fibre radio plate and chassis, the thin aluminium sheet covering the chassis to the motor to (feebly) dissipate heat from the engine one would assume. Other custom parts include the rear radio tray mounts that appear to be machined items replacing the plastic molded components and other various bits.

The car also runs the non standard 3 speed gearbox. All very interesting stuff.

Am beginning to study this car more to understand some of the modifications on it including the strange linkages between the suspension front and rear. The car also appears to use the 2wd bulkhead of the 95R. Sadly this piece is damaged at the shock mount on the left so will need to source the replacement part in due course.